Death Separates Her From I

By: Ericson S. Ruhuniap

????????????????Life is art, life does not always go smoothly. A life lived on a gravel road full of sacrifice and tears able to carve out a life in the history of art.
The challenge of life is a real demand. We are challenged to mature when we think young people in all aspects of human life.
We do not feel less part of the body because it is equipped with a perfectly again the most suitable life partner from our ribs. When the most suitable (ribs / friend lives) we have it we do not feel lacking. Although the reality of life in simplicity.
Suitable separation from life, what power. We feel once complete will collapse all. We walk, we felt as if the part of the body only. That process will mature us.

I am so sorry again litt. Death why separating him from me? Failed’ve all plans, agreements, and agenda.
“Children first name ‘Papua Wim Wene’ I will spoiled my son ‘I am happy once married to a person who does not smoke and get drunk’ on December 2015 us to bilum hiking, christmas with my parents, my life is suitable for you ” that’s words he said before death separated him from me.
All I was looking for, I have met, who I met shortly separating the death of me.
Life poisoned emptiness, the network and the roads we have traveled together all the way, when passing through the area that we nev ‘hard to forget’

If humans that separated him from me, you know. My parents culture war, my first generation; blood is still flowing and war is still fresh to me.
I am aware that all human endeavor in the eyes take it all in vain. One generation comes generrasi one go. The lives and deaths of members determined by the CREATOR (WALREFAG)

I honestly; I am a sad and miss him. God if we human beings can see, I must ask why you take people who are active in mission work? It was a plan he (the creator) but after he took people who work actively in the mission who can change that position, because these jobs are at risk.

There is evidence that nev born workers. Rev. L. Mimin, S.Th
(No purse ever met him his life) 


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