Exemplary life, Sina T.S. Ruhuniap

HON4I.0200Always SMILE, modest, diligent Worshipping at the church, praying diligently, Quiet, do not know anger, mix freely with anyone, not like gossip, is open to anyone, not complaining eating / drinking, rapid adaptation, diligent in all the work, never said chili and tired, when in mara responded with SMILE, never call the name of the husband that he is calling sir”, gentle, does not keep a grudge, never regret that effort failed he always said “berbahagailah people who do not regret for failing or success is God’s plan .

Do not know or other illness when he was alive he was just suffering from a toothache, do not like the streets without a purpose, if he wants to go he authorized the husband or the children, not breathing or eating food store in the room, not breathing eat first he wait until the children and guests eat first he filled rice discharged from the rear when she was cooking again, forgive others, accept the fact, openness, courage, involvement in various organizations and many others ***
Many women in the world who think globally and excel, but they can not take any of the exemplary life is, God’s

Kebersamaan Awal Hidup Yang tertuda. Aku dan Keksihku

present to him in a simple family she marries a simple man of God called simplicity of life.
Although you go leave her husband and all the family and the household forever, you keep his wife, son and our family. Your name will always be remembered in the whole life. Goodness and life as well as your work becomes a part of living history


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