Photos News KNPB and PRD Yahukimo Regency 100% Papuan People’s refused Indonesia Presidential Election

YAHUKIMO – Thousands of people Yahukimo turn down on the street to boycott the Indonesian colonial Presidential election at July 9, 2014 in Yahukimo, West Papua. West Papua Parliament Yahukimo Regency (PRD) did Simulation referendum organised by KNPB and PRD Yahukimo regency before the election on July 9, 2014. More than 500 people’s representatives of seven tribes was attending this simulation of referendum in Yahukimo.

Seventh tribes united voices to boycott and refuse Indonesia presidential election on 09 July this week. We are decided to boycotting Indonesia election which people way and non-violent strategy.
In accordance with the general appeal of the National Committee of West Papua National Parliament KNPB and West Papua Parliament Yahukimo Regency (PRD) to Boycott Presidential Election with peaceful dignified manner to achieve our goal and KNPB held campaign rallies on Tuesday, 08 July 2014 in Dekay, Yahukimo.

According announcement of Free West Papua Campaign founder Mr. Benny Wenda in the United Kingdom to Boycotting Indonesian presidential throughout Papua in a peaceful way and non-violent all over West Papua with respect the values of human rights law and the values of democracy.

Therefore thousands of people of Yahukimo came out on the street boycotting Indonesia presidential election began on July 8, 2014 where are KNPB and West Papua Parliament Yahukimo regency mediated to campaign boycotting Indonesia presidential election. The action was starting at 10:00 until 17.00 WPB.

Indonesian police and military threatened and intimidated all village heads Tomon 1 and 2 to manipulated voter in the ballot box behold of the people in Yahukimo, where chief has been threaten entire villages to make an official report. For instance, some polling station (TPS) Halabok Street and Seradala Street there were not people who is voting.
This peaceful demonstration regarding of rejected Indonesia present in West Papua and against Indonesia colonialism in West Papua. Moreover, we are not Indonesia, but we are Melanesian.

We had a historical experiences that Indonesia has always manipulate our right to vote, but in fact that Indonesia has been slaughter 500.000 innocent West Papuan. We took action peaceful way and we do not vote for Indonesia, but stayed at our home, because there is not benefit for entire West Papua.

We are demand for re-referendum. We have suffered from Indonesia apartheid, we do not vote for Indonesia, as a result Indonesia imposed and intimidate us. We had been grown up in their politics f0r 52 years and we surely concern of human right abuses and genocide is ongoing in West Papua since 1963 until now.

8000 – Voter who lives district of Yahukimo has chosen abstentions. Naphtali, a one of the KNPB activist said, “I hope the people of Papua, especially residents of Yahukimo, Indonesia cannot pay our voices with their money or a plate of rice. We are here, because our women and children has been killed, murderous by them and we are not Indonesia.
In addition 33 of the 52 districts did not vote for Indonesian colonial presidential election. KNPB Yahukimo regency has been campaign and raising awareness to boycotting Indonesia presidential election where the result of the 52 districts do not vote and they do not participated in this election.

However, 100% West Papua do not participated and refused Indonesia presidential election in Yahukimo. Even, Indonesian police and military put pressure to the KNPB and West Papua parliament Yahukimo regency.
We would like to thank you to the 51 districts and 518 villages who is refused Indonesia colonial presidential election in Yahukimo. KNPB and PRD Yahukimo regency success 100% because we surely understand, this election there is not beneficial for us. In fact that KNPB succeed to Campaign and educated people of the Yahukimo, because we cannot vote for the colonial government who is carry out massacres, murder, genocide, abuses our children under the age of 5 years, and also Indonesia managed to rape our women and children in Yahukimo.

Our struggle is independent of from Indonesia colonialism and apartheid regarding our West Papuan Leader and founder of the Free West Papua Campaign Benny Wenda has been announced on June 28, to boycott Indonesian presidential election. He said, “We are not Indonesian. We are people of West Papua, and we are not Indonesian citizens, but we are West Papua belong to the people of the Melanesian. We will vote for our right to be free from Indonesia colonialism”. We will fight to get our freedom and justice and referendum is the best solution for West Papua.

Source :

Massa KNPB Pawai Kelling (09/07?2014)

Massa KNPB Pawai Kelling (09/07?2014)

Massa KNPB Pawai Kelling (09/07?2014)

Massa KNPB Pawai Kelling (09/07?2014)

TPS ini Sepi yang coblos hanya imigran NKRI di tanah Yahukimo

TPS ini Sepi yang coblos hanya imigran NKRI di tanah Yahukimo

Imigran NKRI sibuk Coblos

Imigran NKRI sibuk Coblos

TPS Sepi dari Pemilih Rakyat Papua

TPS Sepi dari Pemilih Rakyat Papua

 Imigran NKRI  Coblis, rakyat Papua Tidak!

Imigran NKRI Coblis, rakyat Papua Tidak!



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